What’s New on The Jessa Channel? Information for developers and publishers about the games I feature, that’s what! Enjoy!


Hey there, you awesome game developer or publisher! Thanks for the interest in my channel. Before sending me an inquiry or game code, please check out the types of games I am interested in bringing to the channel. Please note that I play PC games only - no consoles or mobile games!




  • Games that are relaxing

  • Games that are beautiful - even better if they have a unique, quaint art style like The Minims or Adventures of Bertram Fiddle

  • Games based in past eras, such as 1954: Alcatraz

  • Games that allow me to rename the characters like Parkitect - viewers love being included!

  • Bonus points if your game can be modded like Cities: Skylines, Dragon Age or Skyrim!


  • Anything with zombies, period (even if it's funny)

  • Intense violence, lots of blood (even cartoon blood), body parts exploding

  • Horror games are a big NOPE, NOPE, NOPE

  • Platformers are a no as well

  • And yeah, post-apocalyptic is out too

  • Games with lots of puzzles and very little story (I suck at puzzles - seriously, it's not even funny how bad I am at them.)

  • Repetitive or highly-competitive games

  • MMOs and multiplayer games are generally not of interest; I tend towards single player games where the story is experienced without the interruption of other players.

  • Basically, my audience is older, mostly female and appreciates story more than violence or shoot-em up.


  • YouTube is about immediacy - what is hot now. The best time to get a Let's Play/First Look gameplay video up is just before or just a few hours after release/early-access release because that's when people are searching! They are considering buying your awesome blood-sweat-and-tears game and they want to see some real live gameplay before they buy - that's where your friendly neighborhood YouTuber comes in.

Did you know that to prepare a series for release, I do the following:

  1. Research (30-60 minutes)

  2. Launch game and work out recording kinks and make sure I understand controls/gameplay (30-60 minutes)

  3. Record game (30-60 minutes)

  4. Edit game (15-30 minutes)

  5. Render Game (2-3 hours)

  6. Prepare Metadata (1 hour)

  7. Upload Game (2-3 hours)

  8. Prepare and Schedule Marketing (1 hour)

  9. Check game on YouTube and final touch-ups

  10. Schedule game

Done! Phew!

  • The point of that list is to illustrate that the sooner you get me a key to your masterpiece the better. If you give me a week lead-in time to get your game set up and let me know what time exactly your game releases, the sooner I can make sure my content is ready for release. I aim to release the episode an hour before your game does (so that YouTube's search can catch up) - then people search, they watch, I pimp your game (cause I love it - I only play games I love) and you get eyes on your product release!

  • It is a win/win/win for the content creator/developer/consumer.

  • So get me your key as soon as you can! Thanks!

  • If you have a game that you think will be a good fit go ahead and hit me up on the contact form or check my about page on YouTube for my email address (it is slightly coded but easy to figure out). I look forward to hearing from you!