What’s New on The Jessa Channel? The addons I am using in Elder Scrolls Online, that’s what!


This list is geared towards roleplaying and immersion. I highly recommend using Minion Addon Manager to install addons and keep them updated.

To see these addons in action in my game, watch the Elders Scrolls Online playlist.

Advanced Filters

Finally, Advanced Filters! The default inventory has type filters, but they're still WAY too broad. This add-on fixes that!

I like having more ways to filter inventory. I would highly recommend if you plan on trading or crafting.

AUI - Advanced UI

AUI is an addon that consists of several modules that change the user interface of ESO to simplify combat situations.

I use this for the quick bar you see on the left bottom of the screen. NOTE: If you see two skillbars over top of each other in the skills menu, here is the fix: https://i.imgur.com/GTCieid.jpg Many thanks to Atavus who posted this fix in the comment section for the Azurah mod (thinking that mod was causing the problem).

Azurah - Interface Enhanced

Azurah enhances the interface by providing additional information and customization options while maintaining most of the stock look and feel of the game's standard UI.

This is the addon that allows me to move and resize so much of the UI to make it more immersive.

Chat Window Manager

Ever been annoyed by chat spam when logging into crafting/mule alts, but don't want to be bothered setting up chat filters on every character? Ever wish the chat window would stay minimized when changing zones or reloading the UI? Or how about having the ability to keybind showing/hiding the chat window, or having a stylish button to click to reload the UI or clear the current chat? This is a convenience and esthetics addon that will give you several new chat options.

I got this because I wanted to make sure the chat window stayed minimized and to make sure those changes were persistent across all characters.

Circonians Addon Selector

It allows you to save the current enabled state of all of your addons in an addon pack that you can give a name to. Then you can click on the name of any saved addon pack in the drop down box and it will reset the enabled/disabled state of each addon back to the state it was in when you saved it (enabled/disabled). You can save multiple addon packs. You can also click anywhere on the row (on the addon name or addon author area) to toggle the enabled state of the addon.

What can I say? I wanted an addon for my addons, dude.

Clock - Tamriel Standard Time

This addon Clock - TST adds a completely customizable and moveable label to the game which shows you the current date and time of Tamriel and of Earth (linked to your system time, thus it is accurate where ever you are). Additionally, it also shows the current state of the moon and the remaining time to the next phase.

Essential for my style of roleplay. Being able to mention the month, day or time through the story draws us into the world of Tamriel.The moon phases are particularly helpful while we are playing Elsweyr, considering the Khajiit focus on the moons, Jone and Jode, in the culture.

Combat Cloud

Combat information, cloud style. Displays outgoing and incoming combat events, warnings, notifications…

This is what tells me to block or dodge at the right time. Basically combat training wheels.


This addon is a reskin of many of the default ESO textures to a smoother and more subdued UI. DarkUI focuses only on changing textures to improve the look and feel of ESO while being compatible with all other addons and having no performance impact.

This is the addon that makes my UI darker and sleeker.

Daybreak - Definitive Graphics Overhaul

With no impact to performance, and an optional Reshade preset to boot, this is the first of its kind, and the definitive overhaul of ESO's graphics.

This reveals more of the landscape, pushing back the fog layer and just makes the game look more crisp.


This addon will deal with your unwanted items using a variety of filters.

Essential if you want to keep you inventory tidy and make selling a breeze.

FCO Lockpicker

This simple addon gives you the possibility to colorize the "lockpicks left" information that you see at the bottom line, if you are lockpicking a chest. The colors can be changed according to a number of lockpicks that you have left in your inventory (threshold values). The next chest you will lockpick will give you the visual information now, if you need to get some new lockpicks to your pocket.

In addition, the addon is able to show you a visual helper during your lockpicking: a green check icon will be shown each time a chamber of the current lockpick progress was picked and you need to release your mouse button! And you are able to colorize the lock's springs green as they get resolved.

I did not like the lockpicking mini-game and want to avoid slowing the story down trying to pick a master lock over and over again.

Harven's Improved Skills Window

This addon will improve your skills window. It introduces many changes.

This allows me to see the upgrade morph path when hovering over a skill. I can see the choices I will have to choose from so I feel less in the dark when building my character.

Harven's Potions Alert

This addon will automatically select a preset quickslot when one of player attributes drop below defined value. It will also show an alert window with selected quickslot item icon and reminder message to press the quickslot key. There are three quickslots that can be defined in the addon setting window together with threshold values (health, magicka and stamina). The alert window position can be changed by dragging it. Health alert has the highest priority.

I wanted something to help me remember to take a potion with a sound and notification. This does not work as well as I would hope but I have not found another solution yet.

Harven's Quest Journal

This is my vision of the quest journal. I wanted it to look more classic, like TES3 Morrowind's quest journal. It has full functionality of the original ESO quest journal plus some additions.

I love this addon! It makes the journal look like a real paper journal. Much better for immersion and storytelling.

Hotep Dinner Bell

Have you ever been in a dungeon and you didn't notice that your food buff ran out until you got smacked down by a monster? Well that's what this little addon is for - it's short, sweet, and simple. All it does is pop up a center-screen-announcement (with sound-effect) about 30 seconds before your current food or drink buff is about to expire. It also puts a notification in your chat window, in case you are AFK when the announcement pops up.

I wanted this not only for food but for experience scrolls. Works great for both.

Immersive Color 2.0

Immersive Color is the definitive color enhancement mod for The Elder Scrolls Online. Features: Vibrant Colors, Contrast enhancements, Texture Enhancements, Saturation Enhancements, Color Balance Enhancements and Gamma Enhancements.

This reshade is why the game looks so colorful and vibrant, but not overblown. I have made some enhancements to it in the ini file. Not too hard to do once Reshade is set up.


This addon provides quick and easy access to emotes. Aren't you tired of remembering each emote and typing its name into the chat? With this addon you can search a list of all available emotes and save up to 60 of your favorite emotes spread over 4 tabs. You can play emotes using a list, key bindings or a radial/wheel menu.

This is the most important addon for roleplay in Elder Scrolls Online. It gives your character life! I love that you can keybind so many emotes! You can transfer the list over to a new character and you do not have to set it all up again.

Map Pins

Little add-on (400kb). It adds additional pins on your in game map.

This is very helpful to be able to see all kinds of additional things on the map like chests, skyshards and lorebooks.

MiniMap by Fyrakin

MiniMap is most accurate and highly FPS efficient add-on available. It is the first MiniMap add-on for ESO with a true wheel mode. Now it also features anticipated feature - border pins.

After getting lost too many times I decided on this mini-map because I wanted something circular and unobtrusive. This fit the bill and is very customizable.

No compass

This very simple addon hides compass and adds 2 commands to activate and deactivate it.

I wanted to remove the compass for immersion but easily bring it back when I needed it for travel.

No, thank you!

This addon allows you to block or redirect unwanted messages, notifications to the chat and alter behavior or some boring systems of the UI.

This helps keep my UI clean and removes so many annoyances.


pChat is an addon to overhaul the way text is displayed in the chatbox, make your chat customizable as it should be.

This allows me to further customize the fonts of the chat box.


This addon is a recoloring/retexturing by-hand of the Points of Interest (POI) icons shown on the maps.

I love ways to bring more color to the map and this addon does that.

Quest Map

Adds pins for completed and uncompleted quests to the world map. (Including not yet started quests!)

Allows me to find quests easier and keep the “get lost on camera” factor low. :-)

Srendarr - Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker

Srendarr adds the ability to track buffs and debuffs on yourself as well as others (even group members!), both the standard abilities that appear under the Character window as well as many special buffs like enchants, gear procs, and cooldowns that normally only show via graphical effects on your character (or not at all). It can also do other things like keep track of Hawkeye and Merciless Resolve stacks. The aura tracking is designed to visually mesh with the standard UI theme but includes many options to change the appearance, and even more options to categorize and filter how the auras appear including multiple movable display windows, groupings for auras of a similar nature, a blacklist for unwanted auras, and now whitelist options for only showing auras you choose on a given frame.

I only use this addon show a buff bar to the left of my quickbar that shows current buffs on my character. I do not use the (many) other features.

Ultimate Percent

I decided to make a small addon, that replaces the vanilla eso ultimate value with a percent value with or without %.

A very simple mod to more easily see when I can next use the ultimate ability.

Votan's Keybinder

Adds checkboxes to keybind dialog for user account wide shared keybindings.

I have rebound many of the keys in the game. This mods saves me a long time setting them up for each new character.

Wykkyd Full Immersion

Wykkyd Full Immersion allows you to hide default game windows such as the Compass, Quest Tracker(s) and even the Targetting Reticle.

This hides my reticle unless it hovers over an interactable object. Essential for immersion