What’s New on The Jessa Channel? Answers to your most frequently asked questions, that’s what! Enjoy!


What are your computer specs, Jessa?

Oh Jessa? What recording/editing software do you use?

  • Bandicam to record and Sony Vegas 13 to edit.

I would like to make Let’s Plays like you do, Jessa! Give me any tips?

  • Learn. I spent two months working on my channel before releasing a single video. I recommend looking up information on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), channel design, editing and rendering in the program of your choice, SEO, good public speaking skills, SEO and SEO.

  • Oh and SEO.

  • Go to Youtube and search for videos on the topic you are teaching yourself about and use google to learn as well.

Hey Jessa! Will you play X, Y or Z game for me?

  • Depends! Here are the type of games I like to play. Basically story-focused, low-violence, no-horror, single-player games are best.


Jessa! I ❤ Acanthop Isle! Can I download it?

  • Nope! My custom Sims 2 neighborhood is not available for download. But I did a series of tutorials to show you how I made it. Here’s the playlist. 

What about Kettle Falls? Can I download that?

  • You can download the SC4 file, which you can use to create a new hood. You will still have to decorate the hood with neighborhood deco. You can watch how I decorated Kettle Falls in the playlist.

Excuse me Jessa, but can you upload all your neatly organized Sims 2 custom content so I can download it all at once?

  • Umm, no.

Okay, can you at least tell me where you got all your CC for the Sims 2?

  • From all over! I’ve been collecting it for years. These are the first places I would go if I wanted to download great content.

Jessa! You featured some custom content or a mod on an Sims 2 episode and I cannot find it online!

  • Ask at a WCIF (Where Can I Find) forum. I find the folks at Garden of Shadows to be very helpful. There is also Mod The Sims. Give link them to the video and give a timestamp (when the content was shown in the episode) so others can easily find what you are asking about. Asking at a WCIF forum will get you a much faster answer than asking in the video comments section.

Something is broken in my Sims 2 game, do you know how to fix it?

  • The best to place to ask for tech support is at the help forum at Mod The Sims. 

Hey, Jessa? Please do a tutorial on X, Y or Z! Teach me your skills!

  • I do not take tutorial requests. They are a lot of work to do just to teach something you can google or try learn on your own.